The Best Movies of all time

    I this article, I will be listing my top ten favorite movies of all time. All of them are fiction, and in Mr. Snows Forth and Fifth Grade Class’s opinion.

10. Anchorman

Director: Adam Mcay

Anchorman takes place in 1970 and Ron Burgundy is the Anchorman for San Diego channel 4 news. One day there boss tells them they are the highest rated news channel in San Diego.  Then the next day there boss tells them that they will have to hire there first women anchorman, or would it be “anchorwomen?”

I picked this movie not only is it hilarious, I love how cheesy it is.

9. The Wizard Of Oz

Director: King Vidor

The Wizard Of Oz is about a girl named Dorothy who is living in Kansas, and a tornado comes and swoops her and her dog todo to a mystical land. Dorothy, trying to return home, heads toward the mighty “Wizard Of Oz” and meets some friends on the way.

I picked this movie because I think it’s one of the best classic movie. I also love the special effects involved with it.

8. The Sound Of Music

Director:     Robert Wise

The Sound Of Music takes place in the 1930’s. A women named Maria is failing to be a nun, so she is sent to a home and becomes the Vontrap’s governess. She then falls in love with Mr. Vontrap.  Years later, Germany occupies Austria, and Mr. Vontrap has a chance to be drafted for the army, so him, and his family, try to escape Austria.

I chose this movie because I really enjoy the movie. I also love how it is about three hours long, but you never once become bored.

7. The Fellowship Of The Ring

Directer: Peter Jackson

A wizard named Gandalf arrives in the shire to deliver a ring which Frodo Baggins is sent to destroy. The ring has the power to destroy all of there world; Middle Earth. Frodo gains a team that helps him do so, but later they get separated by many different things. So it is up to Frodo to destroy the ring on his one.

I choose this movie because of how well it fits the  book. I also love the special effects, they are incredible.

6. Star Wars: Chapter 4

Director: Gorge Lucas

Luke, lives with his foster parents on Totoonie, but he wants to get off the planet to go to space school like all his friends. But meanwhile, a dark space emperor creates an invincible “death star.” Princes Lia, leader of the resistance group, programs to get Obi wan (an epic jedi) for help on a droid, who then lands on Totoonie, where he gets lost in the desert. He ends up on Luke’s farm, then Luke follows the droid to Obi Wan, and becomes part of the team. Will Luke and his team stop the death star from destroying the world?

I choose this movie for my top ten because it was the breakthrough in special effects, robot programing, and science fiction- wait no, movies in general.


Director:  John Favreau

A baby named buddy crawled into Santa’s sack on Christmas Eve. Buddy arrives in the North Pole, so they decide that Buddy could grow up as an Elf. When Buddy is older, he decided to meet his father in New York after Santa tells him about him. Buddy walks all the way to New York to meet his father, but then his father doesn’t know who is. Is Buddy ready for the city life alone yet?

I chose this movie because it is hilarious, and I love Christmas movies. This movie I’ve watched this one about 10000 times. (I watched it in the summer once)


Director:  James Cameron

When a military man’s brother dies, he decides to go on a mission to explore the distant world Pandora. While he is exploring Pandora, he runs into a tribe of people, he becomes friends with them, but then his old military team is ready to destroy there land. Who is he going to pick?

I picked this movie because I think it so awesome, and the story line is amazing. And the special effects are crazy good, like 75% of the movie is special effects.

3. The Day The Earth Stood Still

Director:  Robert Wise

An alien, and his robot land there spacecraft on earth after world war 11. They have messages they would like to give to the “representitive” of earth, but it turns out to be very difficult. The humans want him.

I love this movie and I picked it because I love the robot, (Klahck-tooth) and I love the other characters that make the story ever so interesting.

2. Jaws

Director: Steven Spielberg

It’s a hot summer day on a island of Amity. A beach has had many shark attacks and the citizens are afraid. It’s up to the sherif to save them. The sherif then takes a trip to to the water to see what’s going on. Will the sherif survive the shark infested waters?

I chose this movie not only because It’s Steven Speilberg, the sharks are so cheesy!



Director: Steven Spielberg


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First Post of New Website

Well, this is exciting we have our new website finally up and soon this will be instead of Can’t WAIT!! First domain ever! :)xD. We hope you guys like our new banner we made.  And the Instagram sidebar. We changed our website because Weebly didn’t allow us to buy the domain for as cheap as we wanted. Plus we felt that 2014 is going to be the year of “Great Films” for Goldensoal. Orb Of Replication remake is being released and the YouTube Series UFO Man is going to be launched. We though our website should also have a new beginning so in hopefully February this website will be So in this post I am going to include our favorite filming websites for stock footage and software. These links will be posted on the side of our website hopefully as well.


-Jay and Keegan